What does Made Here mean? The definition and the end result is a little bit different for everyone in Northeast Indiana, but it always seems to come down to a combination of ambition, passion and living in a place with access to what’s necessary for success. 

​“Our Stories” gives voice to the enthusiasm of Made Here throughout our region. The videos show how one place can bring about the diverse stories of businessmen and bull riders, entrepreneurs and engineers, musicians and managers—and not just how they make a living, but how they make a difference and have fun, too. We hope Our Stories make you wonder what Your Story, Made Here could look like.
Young adults in Fort Wayne Indiana

This community is open and accessible; you will discover so much to do and to be a part of that you’ll have to make difficult decisions: which nonprofits to support, which organizations to join, how you’ll choose to have fun, how you’ll make a difference. In Northeast Indiana, your story will become our story. You will join friends and neighbors committed to being a part of something larger than themselves—people who are ambitious and optimistic about the future. The region is made up of energized, friendly, dedicated folks working to make our home, and our lives, even better. Our region is what we make it and offers ample opportunity to have an impact. Our story is Made Here.
Our Stories will show you that Northeast Indiana is a region on the move. Our narrative is changing, and it’s changing because so many of your stories are being Made Here. And with the compilation of these inspiring stories, the culture begins to shift. While we’ve always been hard-working and family-friendly, this region realizes those are not our only positive attributes worth highlighting. We’re embracing and celebrating our proven ability to provide challenging professional opportunities and an incredible quality of life to match. From outdoor activities to cultural diversity, peace and quiet to rock and roll, Northeast Indiana has the assets you need to write the next chapter—a better chapter—of your story.

In this corner of the heartland, more of our people are making a great living and a great story to go along with it. Here, you set the pace for living your life. You can live up in the skyline or out in wide-open space. You can escape to the lakes or indulge in history. Whether it’s your favorite band on a weekday night or farm-to-fork five-star dining in a country setting you’re after, you’ll find it in Northeast Indiana.
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Featured videos

From the county corners to the urban core of Fort Wayne, Northeast Indiana gives its people the opportunity for a story Made Here. Through these stories, you'll find successes and accomplishments—and most importantly, deep satisfaction and appreciation. In Northeast Indiana, a good living goes hand-in-hand with great fun.

Watch the videos below to see how Your Story, Made Here could look in Northeast Indiana.  

Our Famous Children's Zoo
Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo—award-winning and adventure-inspiring—where you’ll find wild memories around every bend.
Downtown Fort Wayne Happenings
Getting around downtown isn’t difficult—what’s hard is choosing just a few of the many events, attractions and restaurants to visit.
This is Shipshewana
When you need peace and quiet and friendly faces, find your way to Shipshewana, a rural backroads getaway.
A Taste of Our Cultural Scene
The downtown Arts Campus is a cultural hotspot, with diverse food, music, performances and art from across the region.
Auburn Cord Duesenberg Festival
Classic cars, Made Here, roll out of museums, auction houses and collectors’ garages in a Labor Day celebration that lasts all year.
Our County Fairs
Between bull riding and live bands, our county fairs leave fun memories—and lessons, for the youth competing each summer.
Local Agriculture & Unique Dining
Sustainable farms put the best, freshest foods on the tables of fine restaurants, modern cafés or your own kitchen.
Live Music, Last Call
From intimate to arena, music venues throughout the region present eclectic local artists and national touring acts.
Big Time Sports
Catch a foul ball or the excitement of the crowd—Northeast Indiana fans are always cheering for the home team.
Trails and More
Across the region, you’ll find people embracing an active lifestyle, rolling or running down miles of trails and bike pathways.
Northeast Indiana Lakes
Summers on the lake mean boating, swimming, sunbathing and slowing down with family, friends and neighbors.
A World Class Symphony
If you’ve never been to the symphony, just wait until you hear a live concert from The Phil—think exhilarating and uplifting.