Northeast Indiana is serious about talent. In fact, the region’s Vision 2020 initiative—backed by over 100 regional leaders on the Regional Opportunities Council—adopted a mission for the region: to develop, attract and retain talent. We know it’s people like you that can make Northeast Indiana a top global competitor and that’s why we wanted to share our story with you.

Made Here photo collage

The Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership, the economic development organization that spearheads Vision 2020, is committed to growing talent in the region. That’s why the Lilly Endowment gave the region $20 million to form our Talent Initiative three years ago. And that’s why the Partnership’s staff from the Talent Initiative and Vision 2020 have collaborated to create the Made Here Communications Campaign of which this website is a part of.

Our region is known for its collaborative leadership and this campaign could not have happened without the numerous regional leaders who stepped up to show just how important talent is to Northeast Indiana. Along those lines, we strongly recommend you visit our Partners page.

If you’re already living in Northeast Indiana, thank you for being a part of our story. And if you’re considering moving here, we can’t wait to meet you.

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